using hop compost collections, you can achieve zero waste and review your benefit

The wise chef is not only concerned with the taste of her recipes, but with the quality of the food system she’s a part of.

Create a closed loop, and your compost will sustain growth in the next generation of food, without waste.

Hop’s Impact Reports will capture and celebrate the progress that you shape.
with all food scraps in one bin, even the leaders of slow food have quick kitchens


Composting shouldn’t be the focus of any top kitchen. But like a nice side dish, it’s the perfect accent to highlight the leader. Hop’s craft service is designed to minimize distraction and amplify your distinction.
No Sorting

Using the world’s top clean tech, we enable restaurants to compost meat, fish, dairy, and bones, along with standard compost, without sorting. With one bin for everything, your staff can clear entire plates on the fly.
Impact Tracking

To stand out from greenwash, nothing is more effective than a solid number. Hop’s Impact Reports are like Nike+ for your kitchen, tracking your weekly effort to validate how much land, pollution, and water you save for your city.
Beauty in the Details

When rolling out a program, we offer staff training and custom signage systems. At every collection, a bio soap pump installed on our vehicle washes bins. And, with 90-day agreements, we host the industry’s shortest contract.

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Client Logo